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Custom. Your tastes and your schedule are your own. Craft your own classes by choosing the music you want to ride to. Build short classes for a quick lunchbreak ride, or an endurance ride for the ultimate challenge.

A DIFFERENT ANIMAL. Indoor cycling is more than pedal strokes - Cyclub Live immerses you in fun! Our lighting designers paint the music with 137 LED fixtures and 16 million colors, giving you a fitness experience unlike any other.

Only $14.99 per month. You need your arms and legs to ride your bike - don't pay an arm and a leg for your fitness streaming! We've priced Cyclub to fit your lifestyle.  You shouldn't have to pay $40/month for premium fitness classes during a pandemic.

Fresh Content. The most effective workout is the one you stick with. We're working 'round the clock to add new rides every week that will keep you engaged and having FUN!


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